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Reference font based on the draft UTN

sources/shapes.glyphs → sources/written-units.ufo → sources/variants.ufo


The glyph outlines are derived from Noto Sans Mongolian’s source files (googlefonts/noto-source/src/NotoSansMongolian/ at the commit 933987e), which are archived here for quick reference.

Only the subset needed by the Hudum writing system is kept for now.

All glyphs are named according to the analysis of L2/19-368 ↗, Draft technical note: Text representation and shaping specification of the Mongolian script. The format is <phonetic letter>.<sequence of written units>.<cursive joining position>, for example, a.AA.isol for the glyph ᠠ.

In this way, the glyph set and names are largely independent from the ongoing discussion of shaping rules.